Sunday, August 31, 2008

AFS Trinity XH Extreme Hybrid Suv

AFS trinity unveils a new hybrid suv, AFS trinity XH, with a whopping 150 mpg. WoW!

AFS Trinity XH claims to have developed a new hybrid technology which makes it possible for the plug-in hybrid vehicles to attain 150 mpg with a 40 miles in full electric mode. We all know, hybrid suvs are the suvs of future, this wonderful car repeats it.

It is said that in full hybrid mode, it will just take 7 seconds to achieve 100 miles, isn't it awesome? They also claims that XH just costs 1$ per 40 miles on electricity. One should compare it with a 5$ for normal gasoline engine.

AFS Trinity XH Extreme Hybrid Suv

Friday, August 22, 2008

2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
for 2009 is no different from the earlier versions and does not include any surprises. It is just a mix of the Chevy Tahoe and Yukon hybrid suvs. The hybrid version of Escalade 2009 has nothing to boast as unique in styling except the hybrid badge over it. Escalade is a large luxury SUV.

The technology is not different from the GMs patented two mode hybrid. The hybrid version retains all the qualities of non-hybrid Escalade in design and aesthetic. The Cadillac signature is clearly visible. The front grills and interiors are a pleasure to be in.

Usual hybrid technologies like EVT and regenerative breaking is also embedded into the system. Breaking is not entirely regenerative. Escalade balances between the regenerative and hydraulic breaking system to provide the best driving(breaking) experience. Auto Stop mode is included with the Gasoline engine. It automatically changes mode of fueling according to city or highway driving. Active Fuel Management™ and sequential fuel injection technologies power the fuel injection of 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mazda Tribute Hybrid SUV 2008

The new Mazda tribute is an efficient heavy hybrid Sport utility vehicle. It comes with the modified MZR 2.3-liter gasoline engine which is optimized to run on the Atkinson combustion cycle. And powered electrically at low speeds.

The 2008 model of Mazda Tribute is a full hybrid model. This means that Tribute can run completely on electric power only . You can go upto 25 mph before changing to gas engine. In terms of gas mileage, you can expect about 34/30 (city/highway.) with the 2WD model and 29/27 for the 4WD version.

The regenerative breaking system is the same as in other hybrid models to recharge the battery during deceleration.
Mazda Tribute comes with a very luxurious interior and pleasing exterior. I'm impressed with the new looks.

The major specs are:
  • 155 hp
  • 2.3-liter I-4 Atkinson cycle engine, 153hp @ 5800rpm & electric motor 94hp @ 5000rpm
  • 62 liters fuel capacity.
  • 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, Electronic Brake Force Distribution
  • Electronic power steering - rack-and-pinion arrangement with power assist tehnology
  • 16x7 aluminum alloy wheels with 235/70R16 all season T-rated tires

Monday, July 21, 2008

Whats bad about hybrid cars or suvs?

Most of us will certainly agree that hybrid Suvs or hybrid cars in general are good for the planet earth since it causes least environmental pollution and will consume less fuel. But it is not the same regarding hybrid machines every time. There are many concerns like the one quoted in nytime article on hybrids regarding hybrid vehicles.

It is said that flow of electrical current to the motor that moves a hybrid vehicle produces magnetic fields, which are associated with health regarding issues like leukemia in children and cancerous effects in adults.

Concerns also prevails about chances to get a serious electric shock from a hybrid vehicle from its battery. You should follow these instructions to avoid getting a serious electric shock from your hybrid suv..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hybrid Suvs for the year 2008 , complete list

Hybrid SUV scheduled for the year 2008 are

1. 2008 Saturn Vue Red Line Hybrid
2. 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid
3. Mercury Mariner hybrid suv
4. Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid 2008
5. Toyota highlander 2008
6. Ford Escape 2008 Hybrid suv
7. GMC Yukon Hybrid
8. Chevy Tahoe 2008 hybrid suv

Lets now watch and see which all is gonna make its way really green.Post your comments

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mahindra plans a diesel hybrid pickup for 2010

Indian Automaker Mahindra and Mahindra plans a hybrid pickup truck for sale in United States. They except it to be out by 2010 and this will be the first diesel hybrid truck to hit the light duty market in US. The new hybrid is named Appalachian and will be powered by 2.2 L diesel engine designed by Bosch but details of its electric counterpart is still unknown.

Output is 145 horsepower with 300 lb ft of estimated torque. It can carry upto 2,600 pounds and will be available in 2 or 4 wheel drive. The hybrid Appalachian should have a fuel economy more than 40 miles per Gallon. It will be built in India partially and will be assembled in Ohio.

Friday, February 15, 2008

GMC Sierra hybrid pickup truck

A highly fuel efficient hybrid pickup truck from GMC, the GMC Sierra Hybrid , delivers a high 40-percent greater city fuel economy and a 25-percent improvement in overall fuel economy comparing to its non hybrid counterpart. The Sierra Hybrid gets the same two mode hybrid drivetrain and 6.0L Vortec 8 used in the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon Hybrids, as well as the Silverado Hybrid pickup truck.

The engine of this hybrid suv generates 345 horsepower at 5200 RPM and 375 pound-feet of torque at 4000 RPM,Publish Post this is not less than incredible. The superb fuel economy is guaranteed by the four speed automatic transmission system. Engine capacity precisely is 26.0 gal. The is being assembled in Ontario, Canada and Flint, Michigan. The 2008 GMC Sierra Hybrid can carry 1722 Lbs worth people or goods.
This blog is all about hybrid sport utility vehicles. Here we will discuss and comment on all latest hybrid SUVs.Hybrid suvs are the future of SUVs. It really combines fuel economy with power.The list of SUVs on road for

for 2008 are::

1. 2008 Saturn Vue Red Line Hybrid
2. 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid
3. Mercury Mariner hybrid suv
4. Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid 2008
5. Toyota highlander 2008
6. Ford Escape 2008 Hybrid suv
7. GMC Yukon Hybrid
8. Chevy Tahoe 2008 hybrid suv

Hybrid suvs are the choice of future for those who love suvs. In this world of increasing fuel cost and environmental issues, hybrid suvs only can provide a mileage of 30 mpg average and very less environmental issues. Thus they are green vehicles. Hybrid vehicles work on both gasoline and electric powered engine.We have explained more on the first post.

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